Redwood Landing operates multifamily properties in the Silicon Valley. The company was founded in order to fill the need for competent and honest property management companies in the
Silicon Valley.

Redwood Landing’s success is attributed to hands-on professional property management, a well-trained on-site staff and aggressive management and marketing programs. Redwood Landing’s clients include lenders, partnerships and single owners.

Redwood Landing’s established goals and objectives serve to:

  • Provide owners with time sensitive financial reporting
  • Routinely assess market conditions in order to predict trends and to respond accordingly
  • Achieve quick turnarounds through tenant communication, early marketing, and effective turnover teams
  • Manage income and control expenses using sound fiscal policy
  • Maintain higher occupancy through aggressive marketing and lease renewal strategies
  • Evaluate current staff, vendors and budget assumptions on an ongoing basis
  • Provide a clean and safe environment for residents in addition to free and open communication between management and residents

By enthusiastically embracing these goals and objectives as well as each opportunity presented, Redwood Landing performs to meet the demands of the resident and the investor.

Please meet our team below. We look forward to working with you!