Redwood Landing offers three primary levels of service to its clients based upon the client’s property management needs. This delineated service level distribution was developed based upon over fifty years of combined property management experience of the founders of the Company. To overview, different owners both need and desire different levels of service based upon their geographic location, economic needs, and lifestyle decisions. Property management companies have historically failed to tailor their service level designations to meet the needs of their clients. Further, the overwhelming majority of property management companies do not manage their own portfolios and do not have extensive experience with “taking care” of properties over the long term. As a result, they fail to offer property maintenance service packages to their clients that are designed to maintain the client’s properties, avoid long term maintenance issues, and avoid costly repairs.

Redwood Landing addresses this issue by offering annual service packages to its clients that are designed to address annual maintenance issues and avoid costly property repairs. This service saves clients valuable time (estimated to be in excess of 20 hours annually) that would otherwise be required to obtain estimates, arrange service calls, and meet with service companies at the properties.

The following section overviews the three primary levels of service offered by Redwood Landing to its clients. Pricing is available upon request. Notwithstanding the three primary service levels overviewed below, the company remains open and available to provide specific additional services to clients not overviewed below based upon the client’s needs.

  1. Silver Level Service: This entry level of service provides traditional property management services to the client, including but not limited to: active on-call management, provision of service providers, lockout and maintenance response, advertising for leasing, preparation of units for turnover, review of applications, unit turnover, and collection of rent and deposit in client trust account.
  2. Gold Level Service: This level of service includes all activities referenced in the Silver Level Service. In addition, Gold Level Service clients receive active book keeping, including but not limited to, payment of property management bills (i.e. mortgage, insurance, tax impound, PG&E, water, garbage, etc.). Further, Gold Level Service clients will receive quarterly P&L Reports (Quickbooks based) for their property as well as an end of year accounting summary for their property for transmission to their CPA for the preparation of tax filing. (No tax/legal advice will be offered or received in connection with these services. This is strictly a provision of a summary report for preparation of final accounting by the client’s CPA.)
  3. Platinum Level Service: This level of service includes all activities included in the Gold Level Service. In addition, Platinum Level Service clients receive an active property maintenance package for their property which includes the following annual services: Water heater service (drainage/pan cleaning), furnace filter replacement, gutter cleaning/down spout clearance, pressure washing of property flat work (i.e. driveways, staircases, walkways, ect.), tree limb clearance from roofs/gutters, exterior window washing, and main line sewer jetting. The benefit to the client of this service package is the avoidance of long term property maintenance costs. Further, the value to client of this package is a time savings of nearly 20 hours that would be incurred due to phone calls to over a half-dozen vendors, meeting the vendors at the property, and supervision of invoicing and payment.