Redwood Landing is an apartment management company which accommodates a broad spectrum of multifamily management needs. Management Services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Redwood Landing has owned and operated apartment buildings in Silicon Valley for over 20 years, therefore our company has a unique understanding of an owner’s goals. Our company keeps a finger on the “pulse” of the property, in terms of personnel, rent rolls, delinquencies, rental rates, physical condition, and Operating Statements of the property. We believe it is no coincidence that our properties perform better than others – it’s a result of consistent monitoring of the property’s management to improve Net Operating Income.

Redwood Landing Properties is proud to be partnered with, the Nation’s leader in scheduled annual maintenance services.  All Redwood Landing properties are serviced on an annual basis with HomeSmile’s service plan which includes: gutter cleaning, HVAC service, water heater flush, smoke/carbon sensor replacement/test, refrigerator coil cleaning, window washing, pressure washing and much more. helps Redwood Landing avoid costly deferred maintenance issues and enhances the curb appeal of Redwood Landing properties.